95A Mainline Drive
Westfield, MA 01085

Adult Beginner Class

American Kenpo Karate

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You may think you have it all, but we can give you more!

We will guide you and motivate you! Life is good- you've got a great family and good friends. Enjoy life even more with the many benefits of martial arts training in our adult class!


* Relieve Stress
* Lose Weight
* Increase Overall Energy
* Work with other beginner adults with the
   same interests
* Develop skills that may one day save your life
   or a loved ones
* Increase confidence and much more !

"My child and I have been training at New England Martial Arts for several years.  The experiences we have shared there have become opportunities to explore values and ideals that are integral to a purposeful life.  One such lesson is that accomplishment comes with work, patience, and perseverance.  This is an important lesson in a world where success is portrayed as an end itself and the path to it is divorced from hard work and true accomplishment.

Personally I have benefited from enhanced health and self-confidence.  It is difficult as busy adults to maintain a regular exercise program.  Because Karate has emotional and intellectual aspects as well as providing a health benefit, it has become part of our lives...and it's fun too!"... Bill