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What if your children had the motivation and self-discipline to study harder and get better grades?

Had the confidence to make the right decisions and avoid peer pressure?

Would show respect and courtesy to others?

What if you could get your children involved in an activity that would reinforce the same values you teach your children at home? YOU CAN! Karate is one of the few places outside of the home where these principles are taught. It is the fundamental difference between Karate and any other activity in which your child may participate.


New England Martial Arts will help your child prepare for school and prepare for life with skills that will:

* Improve self-esteem

* Develop physical and mental strength

* Learn the importance of setting goals and working to achieve

* Increase confidence, concentration, and self-discipline

* Develop strength, speed and stamina

* Improve balance, coordination and timing

* Learn realistic and practical self-defense techniques that are
   safe end effective for beginners

 A word about our instructional approach

 Our instructional philosophy is based on the premise that it is essential to "build students from the inside out". Such things as positive values, goal setting, increasing focus and concentration, social skills instruction and overall character development are specifically taught and are required learning at New England Martial Arts Training Center.

  Having spent the last thirty years teaching the children of this community, we at New England Martial Arts Training Center have become quite knowledgeable and adept in our abilities to accurately assess and effectively cater to our student's individual learning styles.

 As a direct result of our experience, we have come to recognize and respect the concept of "multiple intelligence". We therefore take pride in our ability to assess your child's area of intellectual strength(s) and center the delivery of our curriculum upon it.

 You should know that we welcome and strongly encourage open communications with all of our parents, most especially when the subject pertains to learning preferences and/or differences.

"Karate training has helped me with my school work because it has taught me to focus on myself. Karate training has helped me at home because Karate has shown me to have self-discipline. Karate training has helped me to be a better person by teaching me to be kind to everyone, even my enemies. I want to be a Black Belt because I want to learn more about how to protect myself. The best thing about Karate is creating my own maneuver sets." ...Jackie