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American Kenpo Karate

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What is American Kenpo Karate?

American Kenpo Karate is based on logical principles of self-defense combined with scientific principles of motion. Its founder, Mr. Ed Parker was before his passing, the most sought after Martial Arts Teacher in the world.

Through training in American Kenpo Karate you will learn both practical methods in which to defend yourself, and how to keep a healthy mind and body.

American Kenpo Karate has its roots in Chinese Martial Arts. It has been modernized through the process of "tailoring" where students learn how to make the Art work for themselves as an individual.

Try American kenpo Karate for yourself. You will see what all the excitement is about!

How will my children benefit from Kenpo?

Benefits include: confidence, fitness, self-defense, friendships, self-esteem, self-discipline, respect, good manners,  and a whole lot of fun!!!  Kenpo is great for kids.  All children must know how to defend themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Training in Kenpo will help your child learn the self - defense skills they need along with countless other benefits and life skills all wrapped into one program they will love.

How long until Black Belt is achieved?

Although it is true that some Martial Arts Schools peddle "Black Belts" as quickly and thoughtlessly as if on were passing through their neighborhood "drive through window", actual education in the Martial Arts is not a fast food industry. At New England Martial Arts Training Center, relationships with our students and quality instruction is our priority. When our students achieve their Black Belts they are mentally, emotionally, and physically fit; highly skilled and knowledgeable; and viewed as role models by others. Our students work at their own pace to achieve their Black Belt. Our students partake in this endeavor knowing that their learning and successes are derived from the journey, and that Black Belt achievement does not come wrapped in cellophane.

Should I wear my full uniform to every class?

Yes! It should always be clean and neat. Full uniform includes pants, jacket, and belt / or pants, school t-shirt and belt (From May to September only)

Make sure they have what they need to succeed.  That means a uniform that fits them, the proper equipment, and a training workbook for their level.

Leave the rest to us