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American Kenpo Karate

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"I appreciate all you have done for us. Thank you so much!!! "It takes a community to raise a child" and you have certainly done your part with mine.
I am so happy with how far Michael has come and he truly loves being a part of karate and helping out with the younger classes. The kids love class and I always refer people when they ask. You have done a wonderful job teaching them and making it fun along the way. Thank you!"


"I had trained in the martial arts over 20 years ago. I had studied two other styles, obtaining my black belt in both. After a 20 year break in training I started studying American Kenpo under Sensei Serwecki. I've learned and been exposed to more quality, practical, common-sense training in the last year and a half than in all my previous years of study. Come with an open mind and you will learn from a fantastic instructor and equally awesome group of students."

"The instructors at New England Martial Arts are skilled at creating a positive learning experience.  Combining expert knowledge of Kenpo Karate with creative teaching methods, they inspire students to grow at their own pace.

We credit New England Martial Arts with helping our children to develop self-confidence, respect for themselves & others and the courage to go beyond their comfort zone."

Mike and Andrea

"Sensei Serwecki and his team at N.E.M.A.T.C. have made a positive difference in our sons life. Sensei's methods and the support he offers his students imparts on them a sense of self-esteem and self-worth, as well as teaching self-discipline and the rewards of hard work.

We love the changes we see in our child - he is more focused and more driven to succeed. He has improved physical strength and dexterity too. Most importantly, our son has found his passion in the martial arts. Our heart-felt thanks to N.E.M.A.T.C."


"Training at New England Martial Arts Training Center has proven to be a life changing experience resultant of the enhanced physical conditioning, improved critical & logical thinking skills, in addition to building confidence to face the challenges of daily living.

Sensei Serwecki and his staff understand what each student needs and how they learn that allows them to tailor their teaching style in ways that encourage the students to grow, learn, and succeed at their own pace.

I am most impressed with Sensei Serwecki and his staff’s commitment to improving and growing their art, teaching skills, and honest desire and goal to guiding their students in their journey to reaching the highest levels of success that they are capable of achieving."


"My child and I have been training at New England Martial Arts for several years. The experiences we have shared there have become opportunities to explore values and ideals that are integral to a purposeful life.

One such lesson is that accomplishment comes with work, patience, and perseverance. This is an important lesson in a world where success is portrayed as an end itself and the path to it is divorced from hard work and true accomplishment."

"Personally I have benefited from enhanced health and self-confidence. It is difficult as busy adults to maintain a regular exercise program. Because Karate has emotional and intellectual aspects as well as providing a health benefit, it has become part of our lives...and it's fun too!"


"Karate training has helped me with my school work because it has taught me to focus on myself. Karate training has helped me at home because Karate has shown me to have self-discipline. Karate training has helped me to be a better person by teaching me to be kind to everyone, even my enemies.

I want to be a Black Belt because I want to learn more about how to protect myself. The best thing about Karate is creating my own maneuver sets."